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Tom Murphy Interviews Noam Chomsky December 2005

TOM MURPHY: You know the pattern of manipulation of the internal affairs of foreign countries. I know that some people are of the opinion that if it's in the Middle East, it has to do with Israel and foreign policy with Israel has to do with Jewish influence. But you would suggest that if we look at foreign policy let's say Vietnam, Haiti and others it is so extreme ...

NOAM CHOMSKY: Look at the Middle East. Why should the U.S. follow Israeli policies? It's a small country. If the U.S. doesn't like their policies they could kick them in the face. In fact they do, just a couple of months ago, in fact, - Israel, their economy, their economy is highly militarized, kind of like a caricature of the United States, highly militarized high tech economy which is based extensively on military exports. Well, China's a huge market. they're dying to send military equipment to China. And in fact it is a crucial issue for them. A couple of months ago, the U.S. told them no, can't do it. Israel said, well we are going to do it anyway. The U.S. put its foot down. The U.S. broke relations - the Pentagon broke relations with its Israeli counter parts. They wouldn't allow them to visit the United States to talk, insisted on an apology from - not just retracting it - but an apology from Israel saying we're not going to do this again. Did you see the Jewish, the so called Lobby make a fuss about it? No, they're not going to stand up to U.S. power.

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