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Tom Murphy Interviews Noam Chomsky December 2005

TOM MURPHY: ... when people talk about the destruction of Israel - if all the Jews and non-Jews in Israel lived totally equally, the way let's say hopefully like in America, that would be, by definition, the destruction of Israel. Right?

NOAM CHOMSKY: Look, Israel by High Court - there's nothing secret about this - I mean, the High Court, this is the supreme court, decision back in 1960's, it's kinda part of the Basic Law, is that Israel is, I'm quoting, "sovereign state of the Jewish people," that means Israel and the diaspora, not a state of its citizens. A major issue in Israel, a major issue, is what's called the demographic problem - means not enough Jews, too many Palestinians. I mean, that's the leading public issue in the country. That's why they pulled out of Gaza. You know, they're worried about the demographic problem. They want to draw the boundaries so that there'll be a Jewish majority, big Jewish majority. In Jerusalem, all the gerrymandering of boarders and so on, is openly described, openly, as an effort to make sure that the Jewish population of whatever they're going to call Jerusalem some big area around what used to be called Jerusalem, will have about 70% Jewish population. I mean, there's nothing to discuss, it's perfectly open in the public.

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